Tuesday, 25 May 2010

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Dear All

Many interesting points are emerging from the discussion in this thread. Most of the posts suggest that teaching in a large class is challenging as B├╝lent and Mary argue "Teaching in large classes is really challenging for every teacher. Keeping students engaged in large lecture classes is a hard thing to do." Of course, there are many issues, ranging from low classroom interaction to noise, in large classes. However, I have a bit different idea. I have been teaching in large classes of around 130 students in a class. I feel that a large class can be a significant source for teaching English. I enjoy teaching in a large class as I can see so many people listening to me attentively even for 4 hours with 20 minutes break in the middle.

Since a large class consists of students from diverse linguistic and socio-cultural backgrounds, we can ask them to share their own cultural backgrounds. On one hand, this process motivates them to interact in the classroom and on the other hand, an intercultural atmosphere will be developed in the classroom. In this connection, technology will be a help to explore the videos and cultural texts of the students from different cultural backgrounds.
I argue that the presence of technology is not a big deal in a large class. Out-of-Class-Technology can also be a significant source to create an interactive classroom environment. Exploring text, activities and videos appropriate to the level and need of the students will, of course, motivate students to interact in the classroom. What do you think friends? Please comment on this.


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  1. Dear Prem,

    I agree with you that larghe classes have some advantages - there are some activities which can't be performed with up to 20 students for instance. But, they are a challenge for every teacher: there are let's say 100 people with different problems, different moods, learning styles and interests who are aiting for you to tell them something interesting... It's more demanding, but at the same time, more rewarding.