Friday, 26 August 2011

On sale

Do you want to purchase goats for this Dashain?
What size do you need?
Expensive or cheaper?
Local or imported?
Don’t worry
A perfect goat shop has been opened
At the heart of the city
Buy two and get one free

A Nepalese man selects a goat at a cattle market ahead of the Hindu festival of Dashain: Nepal runs out of goats to sacrifice

(Photo: The Telegraph)

Thousands of hunters and fellow goats
Brilliant juvenile
Enduring aged
Sacrificed to assemble six hundred one
Caste, ethnicity, gender, age and ecology represented
Quality guaranteed 
Height, weight and color mixed
Some bleat  
Others sleep
Very few frail
My goats are on sale

(Photo: Photobucket)

I fed them for three years
Unruly and petulant always
Now I’m too tired to bear
I’ve no optimism and endurance
My goats and myself are on sale, hence 

Monday, 22 August 2011


Hard-working doctors
Obedient nurses
Silent atmosphere
Patient patients
Incredible relief
Timely care
Attentive attendant
Luminous pain