Sunday, 18 April 2010

Reflection: Week 2

Dear All
Last week was more interesting week, challenging though, than the first week. The first thing I learned in the week was we have to focus on who our learners are before designing any course. Without considering the background of the learners, a course does not become meaningful. For this purpose, I described my learners and their background. It also taught me a lesson that as a teacher I should have a detail background study of my students before I teach them.

Second and the most important, I should say, was the ABCD model of writing objectives of the course. I had never realised that I had to include all the components- audience, behaviour, condition, and degree. Simply, I used to think that putting a single objective beginning with a main verb makes the objective specific. I have been following the same way. But after I went through the ABCD model provided by Deborah and following the discussion with other colleagues, I have now realised that missing of even one component affects a lot in making the objective achievable and realistic. I also learned that we have to share the objectives of the course with the students that we (teachers in Nepal) normally do not do.

Another exciting thing was exploring academic books, articles, journals and so on by using NoodleTools. I had never known more than google before I went through it. I was exclusively a google-dependent. But when I started browsing the NoodleTools I could not leave my laptop although I had to go for dinner. It is so exciting that I can find my research area, narrow down the topic and find more literature in my area of interest in the same web page. In fact, the NoodleTools has expanded my horizon.

With regards