Friday, 16 November 2012

The City of the Urban Campers (DRAFT)

November 16, 2012. It is 10 am. Waiting for the Grand City Tour bus. I paid  $51.00 for the one day tour of the beautiful city, San Francisco. I and my friend, Thuy, was welcomed by George, an old but very well dressed tour guide, on his bus at the Mason street in front of the King George Hotel, San Francisco. After 15 minutes, the bus was driven through the beautiful city and we were taken to the office of the Tower Travels located at the bay area. I was excited to see the ocean; clean environment, and beautiful cranes flying. At 11 am, we along with other 12 tourists from Protugal, England, France, and Malaysia were given a day tour of the city. Passing by the biggest China Town in the world (outside China) we were stopped at the City Center. The tress without branches and leaves were so fascinating there. After a 15-minute-break, we were driven to the most beautiful place, the Twins Peaks. It reminded me of Nagarkot in Nepal. Cold weather. I could see the huge beautiful San Francisco City from the Twin Peaks. We took many pictures. George also explained that the twin peaks are also called the 'breasts of a maiden' because the two peaks resemble the two breasts a maiden while she faces the sky lying on the ground.. We also saw the parallel cliffs from there. George was explaining everything about the city, houses and neighborhood. While we were coming down from the Twin Peaks to the Golden Gate Park, he showed that there were multicolored hippie houses. He also showed the beautiful early 19 century Victoria houses.

On the way, George told us that as there are many homeless people in the city. He said that they do not call them 'homeless', but 'Urban Campers'.

Next stop was the Golden Gate park. When we reached there it started raining.. We saw the national science museum and botanical garden. George said that the token cake was invented in the Japanese tea Garden in the Golden Gate park.. In the park, we saw lakes, cranes, picnic spots, soccer field and other cultural and recreational places. It was till raining. We arrived at the Golden Gate Bridge over the Pacific Ocean around 2.30pm. As it was still raining, I could not take  pictures but I was able to reach the middle of the famous bridge and asked two young girls with a plastic jacket to take a couple of pictures for me .. after 30 minutes Gorge dropped us at the King Gorge Hotel. Haaving light snack at 3.15 pm I went to attend a session in the AAA Conference; and went to a Thai restaurant to have a dinner ..Thai soup and rice was my favorite .. Good night after doing a mock presentation..

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  1. Prem- I am an anthropologist working on language development among the Chepang of Nepal. I came to hear your paper at the AAA, but apparently your paper had been switched in posted timing so I arrived only after you had given it. Would it be possible to get a copy of your paper? my email is